Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BarkBox {March 2015}

Time for another fun-filled BarkBox! Chelsea gets more and more excited every time her box comes. This month's theme was "Island Paradise".
 First thing in the box was an Etta Says! Buffalo Chew ($3). I love these because they have absolutely no artificial filles, coloring or preservatives. Chelsea loves them too and they keep her entertained for a while.
 Next up is one of the coolest dog treats I have seen. The Yeti Corp Golden Nuggets ($8) are made from Nepali yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. They just go in the microwave for one minute and you got a tasty biscuit type treat for your pup! Here is a before and after:
 We also got some Etta Says! Toasted Coconut Bitz ($7). These things totally smell like the beach. We've been using them as Chelsea's training treats and she is loving them!
 And for toys we got a Swag Co. Parrot ($9) and a PetProjekt Squeeki Tiki ($8) which are being extremely loved by the pup. She loves them both.
 And, of course, your monthly dose of cuteness:
BarkBox really is awesome! If you would like to sign up for BarkBox, follow my referral link: 
If you sign up through this link, you will give Chelsea a free box and you will also get a free one added to your plan, so please consider signing up through us!
PS: This post is not sponsored at all by BarkBox. We just absolutely love it!
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