Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exploring Vomero

One of the things I am absolutely loving about living in Naples is the FFSC "Field Trips". These are organized, low-cost trips around different areas of the city. Tiziana, our guide, is always fun and helpful and these are really great for new comers as well as people who just want to hang out, see something new and learn how to get around Naples. It's also a chance to meet new people, I met wonderful girls on one of these and am now proud to call them friends! This time our field trip was to Vomero Hill. Unfortunately it was raining, and the view would have been so much better in a clear day, but it was still breathtaking.

We took the Alibus from Capodichino to the Port, and from there we walked to the Funicolare station. A short trip in the Funicolare and we were up there! We walked for a little bit until we reached Castel Sant' Elmo. We didn't go in but I am definitely going back sometime soon.
The view from Vomero hill really is amazing.
After taking tons of photos of the view we took a walk back to the main road.
From there, we headed on to Vomero Market. Italian markets are awesome! You can find a lot of cute stuff for cheap, and very fresh fruits and veggies. Vomero Market is open from Monday through Saturday, I think from 7:00AM through 1:00PM but do not quote me on that.
After some shopping (2 Euros scarves FTW!) we headed back to have lunch at a Pub-Style restaurant. Saw cool things along the way.
We ate at Blackwood Pub & Grill. It was very cool! The decor of the place was awesome. The food was good, just OK really but I would go back to give it a second chance based only on how cool the place is.
I'm looking forward to going to Vomero again soon!

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