Friday, October 23, 2015

Bosco di Capodimonte

It is so ridiculous how behind I am on blogging, that I really don't find it THAT ridiculous anymore. It has become the new normal to take more photos than I have the time to edit and blog, so I guess the idea of eventually catching up just seems more and more foreign every day. Anyway, back in August, I headed to the Bosco di Capodimonte with the husband and the pupster.
 We did not go into the museum this time around, because we had Chelsea with us. Italy is pretty lenient about letting dogs inside places, but I didn't feel like checking if Chelsea was allowed inside. We were there to walk and enjoy a nice outdoorsy day.
 Parking to get to the park was really difficult. There might be some hidden trick to this, because it took us over an hour to find a spot where we could park, and even so, it wasn't a proper spot, it was just some guy waving at us to park in some driveway and charging a couple of euros for it. We went for it, oh well. It was OK in the end.
 From the area surrounding the park and museum, the views of the city and the San Gennaro Cathedral are stunning.
 Chelsea was definitely a happy pup, and we let her go off leash for a little bit.
 Entrance to the park is free, I am not entirely sure about the entrance to the museum.
After a while of walking and enjoying ourselves, we took a drive around the surrounding areas and found some awesome graffiti and other cool sights. It was a beautiful day with my little family and hopefully we'll be making it to the park many more times!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag {August 2015}

Well hello, there! It's been a while since I've stopped by. My poor, neglected blog. Maybe someday I'll get better at this. Ha! For now I leave you with the August Ipsy Glam Bag. It's the latest I've received, and I'm hoping September and October come soon!

The theme for this bag was "Prep School" and I looove the houndstooth print bag.
 The first item in my bag was the Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco. I have no idea how much this costs because it is sold through retailers and not online, but it seems pretty awesome and it smells amazing!
 Next up is the LAFresh Group Eco-Beauty Good night. Night Cream. It is a little bit thick for my taste but I am willing to give it a try until the sample runs out and we'll see how my skin feels (Full Size $40.00 on their website, puts sample at about $6)
 Also in the bag was the OFRA Cosmetics lipliner in Wine. I must say I was a little disappointed in this one. I have been hearing great things about OFRA lately with Kathleen Lights making a gorgeous lippie with them, and now they're releasing two highlighters that look fantastic, but this liner was just soooo rough! The application isn't smooth at all, even though the color is beautiful. ($13.00 on their website)
 My favorite item in this month's bag was the BellaPierre lipstick in P.I.N.K. I freaking love it. It's the perfect shade of hot pink for me and it is so soft and smooth and moisturizing. Now to put it to the test and see how long lasting it is! ($19.99 on their website)
 Last but not least is the Glamour Dolls eyeshadow in Sorcery. A beautiful shade of Copper. I have noticed that Ipsy sends this shade A LOT, but hey, you can never have too many neutrals, right? I really like this eyeshadow! Great color and consistency. ($3.99 on their website)

And that was it for the August bag! If you do the math, it's around $43.00 worth of products, not counting the bag or the Argan Oil because I don't know how much it was, for only $10. Isn't that awesome? If you want in on Ipsy, please consider joining by using the following referral link:
 It will give me some points that I can later redeem for beauty products.

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Disclaimer: These are my views and mine only, Ipsy (or any of the companies mentioned above) are not, in any way, compensating me for this review.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

{Throwback Thursday} - Princess Diary Cafe, Round Two

{April 10th, 2013}

You might remember a previous post about this very same cafe and how much I loved it. This was, seriously, one of my favorite places in Seoul and I often regret not visiting it more often. This time around, I went with my friends Marisa, Jenica, Amanda, Desha and her daughter Leina, to have a good time playing dress-up and acting like toddlers.
 The cafe was just as clean, tidy and adorable as ever. I just absolutely love the tacky/vintage/shabby chic decor of this place.
 We proceeded to pick our dresses! Marisa and I picked white wedding dresses, Leina picked some sort of green dress and Jenica and Amanda picked out Hanboks. Both of them were pregnant at the time so the hanboks had plenty of room for their adorable bellies.
 They have lots of accessories for you to play with as well, I totally picked out those bunny ears, because, well... whatever. I like bunny ears. It was close to Easter or something, what do I know?
 Again the lighting in the cafe didn't really work in my favor but with a model as beautiful as Marisa, grain and blur are definitely not a big deal.
 I loved being a goofball and posing for ridiculous photo ops.
 I seriously can't get over how pretty this place is.
 I am obviously not worried about looking ugly. Not. One. Bit.
 We took some instant photos with Amanda's Instax Mini. I love this camera!
 After lots of fun and photo taking, we ordered our drinks. I obviously went for the most chocolate-y thing on the menu, an Oreo Milkshake. And, two years and some change later, I still remember it was amazing.
 My healthy friends ordered tea. I should have ordered tea, but hey... Life's too short to not have that milkshake. And life is also, too short to not act silly, look ridiculous and share laughs with amazing friends. 

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