Friday, October 23, 2015

Bosco di Capodimonte

It is so ridiculous how behind I am on blogging, that I really don't find it THAT ridiculous anymore. It has become the new normal to take more photos than I have the time to edit and blog, so I guess the idea of eventually catching up just seems more and more foreign every day. Anyway, back in August, I headed to the Bosco di Capodimonte with the husband and the pupster.
 We did not go into the museum this time around, because we had Chelsea with us. Italy is pretty lenient about letting dogs inside places, but I didn't feel like checking if Chelsea was allowed inside. We were there to walk and enjoy a nice outdoorsy day.
 Parking to get to the park was really difficult. There might be some hidden trick to this, because it took us over an hour to find a spot where we could park, and even so, it wasn't a proper spot, it was just some guy waving at us to park in some driveway and charging a couple of euros for it. We went for it, oh well. It was OK in the end.
 From the area surrounding the park and museum, the views of the city and the San Gennaro Cathedral are stunning.
 Chelsea was definitely a happy pup, and we let her go off leash for a little bit.
 Entrance to the park is free, I am not entirely sure about the entrance to the museum.
After a while of walking and enjoying ourselves, we took a drive around the surrounding areas and found some awesome graffiti and other cool sights. It was a beautiful day with my little family and hopefully we'll be making it to the park many more times!

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