Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Everland, Round 1

{April 4th, 2013}

Well, this was two years ago. Unbelievable how behind I am on editing and posting my personal photos! For my husband's birthday we decided to go to Everland. We were lucky he was off work that day so we got to go on a weekday, which is always a plus when going to theme parks, because the crowd during the weekend is absolutely insane. We got to Gangnam and had some breakfast at the Cafe Nescafe before taking the bus to Everland.
Upon arrival, we got our tickets and found out they have a foreigner discount! Make sure to ask about it and show your ID. I know it doesn't apply year round but it doesn't hurt to ask when you get there.
During April, Everland has the tulip festival and it absolutely gorgeous. Tulips are blooming everywhere and you can even buy some potted ones to take home. So colorful!
After walking around for a little while, we headed to the Safari/Animals area. This was our first time in the park so we didn't realize it was THIS big and definitely didn't get to see all this time.
We got to feed the parakeets and it was awesome. I love animals so much!
It always breaks my heart a little to see animals in a zoo-like situation, but I was happy to see that at Everland they are at least, not caged.
We took the Safari ride. There was such a long line, but definitely worth it!
After the ride in our awesome white tiger bus, we got on a few rides and watched a few shows...
Took pictures with the dancers... One of them was Colombian and was super excited to meet us!
As you can see, it is a very popular thing to wear animal ears while at the park. I love my Fennec Fox my hubby got for me!
We headed to the secret garden to see more tulips and grab something to eat. This place is absolutely gorgeous and so full of color and cheer!
I was so happy looking at all these flowers. Absolutely beautiful.
Took a walk through the gorgeous Italian garden... (Who would have thought we would end up in Italy two years later!?)
Stopped at the Italian restaurant for lunch, Carbonara and Pizza... both delicious!
We took a little walk towards Aesop's Village, it's more like a kids area but we are kids at heart so who cares.
After a few more rides and games, we were ready to get back to the park entrance, so we took the Sky Cruise. So nice and relaxing, and the view of the whole park was fantastic.
It was a great Spring day and my husband had a very good birthday. I have to say amusement parks are definitely one of my favorite things to do and I can't wait to see which ones we can explore while we are in Europe!

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  1. Beautiful! I miss hearing your excitement giggles! I love that tree with the butterflies and the picture with you under the dino with the little kid looking at you. Haha! I tried doing throw backs but I haven't been very good at keeping it up... Crazy how fast time goes by. I like the idea of posting on the day year later. HMMMMMMMM MISS YOU LOVE YOU!

    1. I love you and miss you too! I miss our adventures! I haven't been keeping up at throwbacks either but I am trying! Much love to you my beautiful friend <3