Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ipsy Glam Bag {February 2015}

Well... hello there, Ipsy Bag from February making it to me in May! I thought I had lost you! I would like to, first of all, make it absolutely clear that the delay in my glam bags is not Ipsy's fault. It is the whole Military-Living Overseas mail system. Oh well! Here is my review on February's Glam Bag!
 The bag itself is absolutely adorable. I almost always find uses for my bags right away but I am not sure what I will be using this one for yet.
 The first item in my bag was a Cargo Cosmetics Lip Gloss in "Anguilla". It is definitely not my color, it is way too light on me but it will do fine as a base or to add dimension to other colors. I like the consistency and, surprisingly, I like the smell. A ton of people complained about the smell on the Ipsy website but I find it very nice! I tried to find the price for this gloss, but I think there is a mistake on the weight either on the Ipsy page or on the Cargo page because it doesn't make any sense. Anyway, a full size Cargo Lip Gloss is $16.00, so let's just say that this one is...$8.00? Just throwing that out there because I have no idea.
 The next item is the Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask, and it is AMAZING. I have always loved peel off masks and this one does not disappoint! $29.00 for the full size, which brings our sample size to about $5.80, give or take.
 Also in the bag, was the Rob Scheppy for 'Tini Beauty eye shadow in "Pearl Fizz" and it is gorgeous, with a great consistency, goes on smooth and it is beautiful as a shadown and as a brow highlighter. It is $12.00.
 One of my favorite items was the Luxie Beauty Angled Brush 504. A great brush and I had been needing one like this for a little bit so I am very glad to have gotten this one in my bag. It applies blush and contour powder flawlessly! It is $16.00.
Last but not least, is this blush from ModelCo Cosmetics and I love it! The shade "Cosmopolitan" is a soft pink that is fantastic for a natural look. $20.00 for it.

And that was February's bag! If you do the math, it's around $61.80 worth of products, not counting the bag, for $10. Isn't that awesome? If you want in on Ipsy, please consider joining by using the following referral link:
 It will give me some points that I can later redeem for beauty products.

Thank you so much for reading!

Disclaimer: These are my views and mine only, Ipsy (or any of the companies mentioned above) are not, in any way, compensating me for this review.

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