Friday, January 23, 2015

LootCrate {November - December 2014}

Another one of the monthly subscriptions we signed up for (because FUN!) is LootCrate. It is an absolutely perfect monthly treat because it is always loaded with stuff for both of us. It feels like Christmas every month! With this one, we only signed up for the 6 month plan, but I haven't made up my mind about renewing it or trying something else. If we do, I'm definitely going to need some new shelving for all the goodies! Every month has a theme and so far we have loved the two boxes we have gotten.

November 2014 - Theme: Battle
 In the November crate we got a really cool Mega Man Mini Helmet Collectible:
 A Pirate vs. Nija Shirt, which obviously goes to the husband because we put in his size for the crate. Which I'm just a teeny tiny bit jealous about because the January crate is coming with a REALLY cool Transformers shirt. Oh well. I might steal it and make it into a slouchy shirt or something.
 Assasin's Creed Unity Coin with Velvet Pouch. Quite a cool collectible and it also has a little space for you to have it engraved.
(This is a composite shot, the crate DID NOT come with two coins)
 Street Fighter Ryu's Headband, which you can see Chelsea rocking in the next photo.
 and last but not least, HALO Drop Ship Mini Figure.
LootCrate also includes a monthly collectible pin and digital goodies. This time it was a full Street Fighter game, a mega man comic and discounts on other games!

December 2014 - Theme: Anniversary

I loved this crate SO much. Mostly because most of the goodies went to me!

 My absolute favorite part of this box was the LootCrate Exclusive Funko POP! It's The Joker-Batman and it is adorable. I also loved the Exclusive Dancing Groot crew socks. I have a massive, ridiculous sock collection (and obsession) and this one will be a fantastic addition to it.
 Other goodies in the crate were: Captain America Air Freshner, Tetris Sticker Set, Exclusive Ghostbusters Door Hanger, Simpsons Cast "Mighty Wallet" and an Exclusive Batman Comic Book Issue 36.

As usual, while being overseas stuff gets to us a little later than everyone else but that's ok! LootCrate gets here during the last days of the months so I will always and forever be late posting. Or at least until we move. Thank you so much for stopping by!

(LootCrate is not compensating me in any way, I just really, really love it.)


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