Thursday, January 22, 2015

BarkBox {November - December 2014}

Hello, hello! Trying to get back at blogging here. Life is slowly but surely going back to normal after a crazy PCS and I am settling into life in Italy. The absolute best thing about this move is having our baby back. We missed her so, so much while we were in Korea. As soon as we settled in our new house, we signed her up for BarkBox. I had been looking at the BarkBox website for months, waiting for the moment when I could finally have my pup back and see her get happy mail every month! We signed her up for the small box and so far we have not been disappointed at all! She absolutely loves everything that comes in her box and, after three boxes, she already recognizes BarkBox day and goes berserk when the hubby shows up from work holding the box. In this post I will show you the stuff she got in her first two boxes, November and December.

November 2014 BarkBox

 The November 2014 BarkBox included some great stuff! You will not see an individual photo of the little Chef Hedgehog because it was covered in drool and a total mess five seconds after handing it to her. She adores it. The squeaker was done in a day but two months later she still plays with the little guy.
 These Daily Essentials Chicken Jerky treats were fantastic. They smelled SO good that I was actually a little tempted to try one. In case you were wondering, No, I did not.
 This pretzel toy was the bomb. It was her absolute favorite in this box. Even though it is a though toy, she has completely tore it down, yet she won't give it up. Right now it looks like a dead snake. Or a pile of poop.
The chewing stick was a big hit as well and kept her entertained for a while, and last but not least, Grandma Bowser's Country Oven Bisquits. They were cheddar flavored and Chelsea went crazy for them!

December 2014 BarkBox

 The December BarkBox was pretty cool as well! It was so wintery and cute! Themed boxes are the best.
 First up, Polka Dog Sfizis: Lucky Duck Recipe. She loves them! They're small and perfect for training. {$6 Value}
Next is the Etta Says Rabbit Chew. This one was also fantastic at keeping her entertained! {$3 Value}
 Excuse the picture of the Stoggie Fetch Stick, that's how much she loves it! {$8 Value} she also loves the Simply Fido Penguin with Crinkle Body, but that one has stood the test of Chelsea's teeth for a little bit longer! {$12 Value}
 Last but not least, something she probably doesn't enjoy as much as I did but I think it's adorable and it is this Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana {$5 Value}. It's great quality and it is reversible, so she can wear it year-round.
That was it for today, friends! I'll be coming back soon with January's BarkBox (It arrived yesterday and it is just as cool!) Thanks for stopping by and if you want to get BarkBox for your furbaby, shoot me a message and I will send you a cool promo code! 


PS: I'm not sure how am I supposed to do this, BUT, No. BarkBox is not compensating me (Or Chelsea!) in any way to endorse their product. We just love it THAT much.

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