Thursday, August 6, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Tim Burton Exhibition, Round Two

Ah, the Tim Burton Exhibition at the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of my favorite memories to this day. I loved it so much I went twice. If you want to see the first time, click here.
We first stopped at the Umbrella Display at City Hall, because awesome and why not? I am always up for taking pictures of cool stuff.
 Well, I kinda need my hair to look like this again.
 We walked to the SeMA and bought our tickets. I already had seen everything and just wanted to take it all in.
 Of course, I had to have a Tim Burton inspired outfit again!
 I will never forget seeing the props from my favorite movies, Batman's mask and Edward's suit... and the Black Light room with the eerie music and carousel. Sorry, no photos of those since they weren't allowed in the exhibition rooms.
 This time, I did make it to the gift shop and came back with a small notebook for my collection!
 I am secretly wishing he does another Exhibition, somewhere close to me and soon, because this was one of my favorite things EVER.
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