Monday, August 10, 2015


The town of Positano, located in the Amalfi Coast, has quickly become one of my favorite places in Italy. The views from this town are just breathtaking and I honestly can't wait until we go again. And again. And again.

I had been wanting to go for a while, and what better day than our 8th wedding anniversary? We stopped mid-way to check out a beautiful view.
 And take some pictures, of course.
 We arrived in Positano, and found us a parking garage. This one was a bit far from the town center, so next time we will aim to find one closer to it. However, we were lucky because this one was right next to Da Gabrisa Ristorante, which was fantastic. I was first drawn to it by the view:
 But when the staff welcomed Chelsea with arms wide open and snuggled her and took photos of her and brought her water, well... I was sold.
It was an amazing lunch, with a beautiful view in company of my little family. What else could a girl ask for?
 I would recommend this restaurant to anybody visiting Positano, the food was delicious. I had the ravioli and it was so fresh and good.
 For dessert, we ordered delizia al limone and OMG. This is one of the best things I have eaten in Italy. It melted in my mouth and the lemon flavor was not overpowering, which it tends to be which lemon-based desserts.
 After our great lunch we started walking around town. It was unbearably hot, but that was expected since Southern Italy was going through an awful heat wave. I was miserable. Thankfully I had gorgeous views to distract me.
 We walked further and reached the town center, with lovely shops and cute little details everywhere.
 We went down to the beach to take it all in. Some days I really miss living by the sea.
 And this. This view. I can't wait until we can rent a boat and I can take this photo from the water.
 Chelsea made friends with an adorable bambino.
 And we saw this heartwarming memorial by the water.
 Every little bit of this town is beautiful and it makes me smile.
 We walked back through a beautiful street with tiny, picturesque shops to catch a bus to take us back to our parking garage. It was just too hot to walk back.
 We had an amazing day in Positano, but I was thankful to be in the AC in our car on the way back home. I'm looking forward to visiting this town again in October when it has cooled down a little bit.

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