Saturday, March 7, 2015

Roma - Day Two

I am fiiiinally posting the second part of our very short trip to Rome! If you want to see the first part please click here. Our day was full of fun and exploring and cut short by us having to come back home. I can't wait to visit Rome again! I'm sorry this is such a picture-heavy post, but seriously, you should see how many didn't make the cut. I go shutter crazy on trips.

We woke up early-ish and took the subway to the Colosseum. Had breakfast at the cafe right next to it and it was delicious! That hot chocolate is the thickest I have ever had.

 We were facing the Colosseum and the beautiful Christmas tree next to it. It was a perfect breakfast. After that, we stood in line for what felt like forever to go in the Colosseum while being harassed by multiple tour guides and souvenir salespeople. Tickets were 12 Euros each, and included the Colosseum and the Forum.
 We got in and went around taking photos and having fun. This place really is impressive, photos don't do it justice. It was an extremely bright morning, not great for photos since the stone was reflecting a lot of the light, but it was a beautiful experience just to be there.
 We left the Colosseum and headed to the Forum, as always, snapping some pics on the way.
 The view is so beautiful. I hope I get to go back and see a sunset from this spot.
 This guy was hanging out around there and letting everyone take photos of him. This is obviously his domain.
 After all that walking we were hungry, it was lunch time so we headed to Massenzio Ai Fori, a pizza place close by.
 We all shared pizzas and spaghetti Carbonara. Everything was delicious.
 With our full tummies, we headed to the Trevi Fountain. We knew it was undergoing remodeling until Fall this year but wanted to see it anyway.
 And this is pretty much how the Trevi Fountain is looking right now. You get to see it by walking on a runway that goes through the fountain. It's been said that it is the closest you will ever get to the sculptures.
 We headed back to the hotel, it was time for us to start driving back to Napoli so we needed to pick up our luggage and get going, but not before some delicious gelato at White. I had Straciatella (Obviously!) and Watermelon. I know they don't really go together but I wanted to try them both!
 And then, it was time to say see you later to our amazing friends. I got to give Tracie big hugs on the balcony of their hotel, and I only ugly cried in the elevator when she couldn't see me. I hope to go see her very soon!
 And that was it for our weekend in Rome! I know we will be going many more times and I absolutely love how close we are. Thank you so much for reading!


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