Friday, March 6, 2015

LootCrate {February 2015}

The February LootCrate has arrived! The theme this month was "Play" but I am not extremely impressed this time around. This is the 4th out of six crates in our plan and we don't think we will be renewing after that. Some of the stuff is really nice but we just can't really afford it again. Also, running out of space to put what I categorize as "random crap" and I really, really don't want to turn into one of those people from Hoarders, even if I were hoarding neat stuff.
 In the crate we got a 9x13 Waka-Waka Poster. Pretty cute but I'm sure it's not going up on the wall anytime soon. I will save it for when we actually have a game room. We also got an Exclusive Firefly Online Premium Ship Unlock Code. I think the hubby wants that, but I'll give it a try if he doesn't.
 I had a very interested companion while taking pictures of the LootCrate.
 One of my favorite things of the crate was DIY Munny Figure! I am super excited to decorate this one but have a lot of ideas and not sure which way to go. It'll come to me eventually, I guess.
 Next up is the Exclusive Looter Edition Superfight Card Game. We have never played this before but we will certainly give it a try!
 My absolute favorite this month was this. They sent a book! Ready Player One, a novel by Ernest Cline. I was so excited when I found it. It looks super cool and the review says "Willy Wonka meets the Matrix" and that definitely catches my attention. I will be ready this for my "in the future" book for the 2015 reading challenge.
 Also in the box were these Exclusive Rock-Paper-Scissors dice game and I love them! It's a pretty neat addition to our game night shtuff.
 And last, we got a HEX Bug. It glows in the dark too. I am still debating if I should save it for my nephew or freak out Chelsea with it. What do you think?
 I really loved the artwork in this months little magazine that comes with the crate. I swear, if the controller cable heart image was in one piece I would also be saving it to frame for the game room.
 That was it for this month's box! Now, to wait what the March one will bring us!

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by LootCrate to write this post.

Thank you for reading!


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