Friday, February 6, 2015

Roma - Day One

Our first trip outside of Naples was to Rome. It was a short one, we only stayed for one night but it was packed with lots of fun. The main reason for this trip was seeing my Seoul Sister Tracie, who traveled with her family to Rome from Greece. We drove to Rome from our home and it was roughly two hours and we spent about 14 Euros in tolls. We stayed at the Hotel Savoy close to Via Veneto. I had expected our room to be bigger and have some sort of a view for the money we paid, but I guess you do pay for the location because we were close to everything!

We took a walk around the area while we waited for our friends to arrive. Saw cool things, including the Hard Rock Cafe (have to go back!), a Korean church and a hotel with dog themed decor.
 We stopped at a little coffee shop for a Macchiato and a chocolate dipped elephant ear. I need to figure out what they're called in Italian. This one was to die for!
 We kept walking and did some reckon to find a place for dinner. We chose Vladimiro, close to our hotel and then went back to wait until our friends' flight got in.
 While waiting, we went to our hotel's rooftop terrace for a drink. It has a very nice view and my screwdriver was very good.
 And here's a picture of Befana with Santa. Just colleagues hanging out.
 We order a big plate of pasta for all of us, some cannoli and tiramisu made right at the table! We all loved this place, it was a wonderful experience filled with great food, great wine, chatty servers, live music and... fireworks at the end!
 After dinner we wandered a little more, went to check out the Spanish Steps and had some amazing gelato.
 We then went back to our hotels to rest for the night! We had a busy day coming in the morning and couldn't wait! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for day 2 in Rome!

Vladimiro Ristorante, Roma:


  1. Ahhh! So awesome! When I come out we will go to Hard Rock Cafe ok? :) I can hear Tracie laughing in those pictures. I love the kiss kiss pictures too!