Wednesday, February 4, 2015

LootCrate {January 2015}

Hello there! Time for a new LootCrate. This month's theme was "Rewind" and we got a lot of really cool retro goodies.
 The first thing in our crate is a Star Wars Exclusive Comic Book Issue 001. Apparently it's about Han and Chewie protecting the crate.
 Next up is the Exclusive retro arcade skinny tie by Black Tie Geek. It is beautiful! One of my favorite things this month.
We also got at exclusive 10-Doh! Figure in the shape of a Nintendo cartridge. There were different ones, I was hoping for the Doctor Who one but we got a Fifth Element one, which is one of my favorite movies so it's OK. I love what it says on the back!
 My favorite thing in the crate was this Comic Note Book. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I love notebooks :)
 I am a little jealous of this month's T-Shirt! I love the blueprint design.
 And last but not least, the Exclusive 8-Bit glasses. Gonna be rocking these this summer!
Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see what we'll get in the February crate!

Love, Zayda

PS: I am not being compensated by LootCrate for these posts. I just really like it.

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