Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Seoul National Cemetery

{March 18, 2013}
It's hard to believe this was almost two years ago! I visited the Seoul National Cemetery with my friends Jenica, Desha and Fallon. It was a gorgeous Spring day even though things weren't quite blooming yet so the Cemetery still looked a little dreary. I had every intention of going back, either during Spring or Fall or on a snowy day but never did. It is a beautiful and humbling place and it makes you think of what Korea went through during the war. I am grateful I got to see this place at least once and I miss being able to just walk outside, hop on a train a visit places like this on a daily basis. Enjoy the pictures!
 After seeing the Cemetery for a while, we got a little hungry and walked over to the Bridge Cafe (Cafe Goorm) on the Dongjak Bridge. It had a beautiful view and amazingly delicious food and desserts! We all enjoyed it very much.
I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful day with my dearly missed friends. Thanks for stopping by!


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