Friday, January 30, 2015

BarkBox {January 2015}

Hi everyone! It's BarkBox time again and with this post I am caught up on all our subscription boxes posts until something new arrives. This month's box was the Ice Age box! Very appropriate for winter.
 This month, Chelsea got: Complete Natural Nutrition Off-Leash Twigs. They are made of all natural turkey and pumpkin from Canada. They are also grain free. {$8 Value}
 Also in the box was the BarkMade Wooly Mammoth. Chelsea loves this guy. It's currently her favorite toy and I am surprised she hasn't ripped him to pieces {$8 value} like she did with the Delca Corp Adorable Snowman, a BarkBox exclusive. This one didn't stand a chance. In 5 minutes all his guts were spread on the floor. She still loves playing with his empty carcass. {$11 value}
 We also got Aussie Naturals Salmon Skin Training Treat Nibbles. Chelsea loves chewing on these! {$8 Value}
 And last but not least, the Heartland Premium Rib, made from all American USDA approved beef!We haven't given Chelsea this one yet but I am sure she will love it just as much as all the other stuff.
 And of course, bonus picture of Chelsea being mad at me while I photograph her goodies. Sorry, pup, here, you can have them.
Thank you very much for stopping by! 


PS: BarkBox is not compensating me in any way to write these posts, we just love it that much.

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