Friday, December 6, 2013

Man VS Crazy Military Spouses

Dudes, seriously, has it been that long? I can't believe I haven't posted since October and it's already December. Shame on me, readers. Shame on me. 

Anyway, I had a fun adventure today with my friends! We got to meet Adam Richman from Man VS. Food! How cool is that?

I remember my husband showing me the flyer about him coming to Korea and he was going to be at Yongsan for autographs and photos. I must confess, however that when I woke up this morning I had completely forgotten that it was today. I have had a rough last couple of weeks so it's hard to keep up with everything that's going on. I had a Dr's appointment so I left the house looking like my messy self. At the hospital, I heard someone mention it and I was so grateful because I could never forgive myself if I missed out on meeting this awesome guy!

So I made my way to the PX for some necessary Christmas shopping (an unnecessary shoe shopping) and wandered around while I waited for him to show up. When the time was getting closer, I ran to the book section to buy his book so he could sign it for me but it was already sold out. Sad Panda. On my way to the register I found my friend Miranda, first in line, waiting for him. I asked her to save me a spot and checked out as fast as I could.

I found out afterwards that Adam Richman is Miranda's "TV Boyfriend". I mean I really like the guy and I love his show but this is Miranda's territory right here. She took him a huge bag of Korean snacks and had bought the book in advance, how thoughtful is that?
 I was so star-struck when he walked in, but just look at Miranda's face when her time to meet him was approaching! Have you ever seen anyone happier?
 Adam was such a cool guy. He was very grateful for Miranda's gesture and got up to hug her and pose for some pics, he even took photos with Flat Stanley!
 After my crazy friends Aimee and Crystal had their turn, it was mine. Please ignore my messy hair and my lack of make-up and well, my size and just LOOK, I have a photo with Adam Richman (And also that other BBQ guy that I had no idea who he was until today, he was pretty cool too!)
 Adam and I talked a little bit about Colombian food, obviously! and he messed up my name, obviously, (Everybody messes up my name) but he was kind enough to get a new flyer and sign it again for me. Such a funny and charismatic guy! It really was great to be able to talk to him for a few minutes.
 I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read what he wrote for me. Chicharrones Foreva'... Seriously, how can you NOT love this guy?
 I wish I could have stayed longer to take photos of my other friends with Adam. My friends Julia and Allie had a blast with him too, and their kids got to meet him. Their photos are super adorable.
This was a great start to my weekend and I had a blast. Can't wait to see who else will come around, courtesy of the USO!

Thanks for reading!


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