Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seoul Zombie Walk 2013

Can I just start by saying that this was awesome? Ok. It was. Happy Halloween everyone!

 Even though the walk wasn't on Halloween (Actually it was like, more than a month before Halloween) I thought it was appropriate to post it today.
 I found out about the Zombie Walk randomly, like two days before the event, with somebody's post on Facebook asking questions about it. Decided to do my own research and found the event. I asked my friend Kathie if she would want to join us and I knew she (and her family) would be on board! Hubs and I went over to Kathie's and all of us got zombified there. Even her two little girls!
 We headed to the subway station to meet with our friend Marisa and her family. Some of the organizers of the event were handing out these cool stickers! Also, check out my nails.
 I have to say Kathie is one of the most creative people I have ever met and she brought it up this time by making "brains" for us zombies to eat. Don't they look disgustingly delicious? Thanks Kathie!
 The hubby and I were having a lot of fun. I kept joking about the movie "Warm Bodies" with him. I am so lucky to have someone to geek out with and who is on board with all the fun things I want to do.
 I have to say, I was feeling pretty confident with my zombie outfit and make-up... and then we got to the park. These people really stepped it up. There were AMAZING costumes and some serious make-up skills going on. If I'm ever in a Zombie Walk again, I'm bringing my A-Game.
 It was raining but that didn't stop people from showing up, it just made it more fun and the gloomy day went perfect with the mood of the zombie walk.
 We started the walk through Hongdae. It was really fun looking at people make "WTF?" faces or get spooked by some of the more elaborated zombies.
 This shot is a little blurry but I couldn't help but share it, because I thought this little boy was the bomb. Seriously, that's how I want my kids to be and hopefully we will be the kind of parents to make it happen.
 There was an after-party for the zombie walk, but we decided to find some food instead. Zombies gotta eat and with so many of them around, brains weren't going to do the trick. We headed to a small Italian restaurant in Kathie's neighborhood and I can only imagine how six people in complete Zombie gear, in the middle of September, must have looked like for that poor Korean waitress who was all alone in there.
And well, Zombies gotta go home too so here's me in the subway. We got some pretty good stares through the subway system.

This was a fantastic day and unfortunately, I know that I wont be here for next year's walk but if by some off chance I am (or if we move to a city where they do them too), I will definitely do it again.

If you want to see some awesome photos and be in the loop for when the next walk will be, please go like the Facebook page for the event. It is pretty cool:

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  1. ahahahah looks like it was a blast!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your cool pictures Zayda! I am the organizer of the walk, Minwoo Kim. Recently, I uploaded new pictures taken at Zombie Walk Seoul 2013 and that includes several awesome pictures of yours. If you don't want your pictures on our page please let me know! Thank you ^^

    1. Minwoo, thank you so much! I am very glad you like them and I feel honored that you chose my photos to include in the album! Can't wait for the next Zombie walk!

    2. Minwoo, thank you so much! I am very glad you like them and I feel honored that you chose my photos to include in the album! Can't wait for the next Zombie walk!