Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Baker's Table

Bread, you evil bastard. From the moment I met you, I have loved you, and even though I know you're not good for me, I will probably love you for as long as I shall live. I know I have abandoned you several times, but I always end up going back to you. You lure me with your tasty carbs and always find your way back into my life...
... and my belly! Can you tell I love bread? That's why I couldn't refuse Tracie's invite to The Baker's Table! This small and cozy place is all about bread. Ok there's soup too. And I think salad and other things, but don't take my word for it because I was too busy looking at bread to pay attention to anything else.
 A lovely waitress took our order and while we waited, we sampled some of the amazing breads they had to offer.
 They also sell pasta, flavored olive oils, dressings, preserves and wine. I was tempted to buy some of this stuff but will wait to drag the husband and see what he would like to try.
 Tracie ordered some breakfast and I ordered a ham and provolone panini. Both things were quite good. My sandwich had a little too many tomatoes in there for my personal taste, but if you love tomatoes, you'll love it.
 I do agree with this wall... Except the sorrow of being fat. Fat, fat, fat... oh look, more bread!
 Tracie and I decided to buy some bread to take home. Everything looked really good, Tracie got some bretzels and I went for an egg tart and for what would later become one of the greatest things I have tasted while being in Korea: the German Butter Cake.
 Here you have it. It was perfection.
I absolutely loved this place and whoever has a love-hate relationship with bread like I do, will love it too. Clean, friendly staff, very affordable, delicious and close to base... what else do you need?

More Information:
Directions: Noksapyeong, Line 6, Exit 2. Cross the pedestrian bridge, The Baker's Table will be on a corner. (Sorry I don't have more detailed directions)
Pricing: Very affordable. Paninis range from 5,500KRW to 6,000KRW. Sandwiches from 8,000KRW to 10,000KRW. Bread has a variety of prices, starting from around 2,000KRW.
Foreigner Friendly

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