Sunday, April 28, 2013

Demitasse Coffee

...or the Cow Cafe. Tracie and I found this place by accident while walking to Digital Media City and we just had to go in. It looked so awesome and we can never say no to a themed cafe!
 Now, this place is not like the Sheep Cafe, there are no actual cows inside walking around, but everything is made with cow print! How cute!
 ... except for these guys. I really don't know what a bunny and a dog have to do with all the cow madness, but they were cute anyway!
 I loved how people could just leave their frequent costumer cards hanging from this rack, that way they never forget it at home and can always get their stamp towards a free drink!
It had cow everything. Cow mugs, cow takeout cups, cow pillows, cow couch, cow lamps... quite adorable.
 In all honesty, I can't even remember if our drinks were good or not. I think they were just average because usually I remember if something is really good or really bad. We weren't even there for the drinks anyway.
These little places are what make Korea so unique and what make me so happy to be living here!

More Information:
Subway: Digital Media City Station, Line 6, Exit 12 (I miiiiight be wrong on the exit. Might)
Foreigner Friendly

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