Friday, April 26, 2013


The first time I saw this place, it automatically caught my attention because it reminded me of Kaley Cuoco, and I love her! I found out it was a chicken place so decided to try it with the hubs.
I love the ambiance of Cuoco. I fell in love with the lit up tree right in the middle of the restaurant. As you can see, it is very clean and organized.
 You'll get some chips with your order and three kinds of dipping sauce, which taste great with the chicken as well.
 Hubby ordered a beer and shared it with me. I'm not a big beer person but I'm kinda liking Cass here in Korea.
 Cuoco specializes in fried chicken and beer, and I have to say these are some of the best chicken strips I've ever had. They have different kinds of chicken, some salads and I think pizza? Don't trust me on that one, we go there for the chicken. Our chicken was amazing, complete with potato chips and sweet potato fries. It was fresh and tender and we end up so full with a platter for both of us.
 Cuoco also offers free peanuts with your meals or drinks! Om nom nom!
This place has quickly become one of our favorites, with it being so good and so close to where we live. I definitely recommend it and will be going back many, many times.

More Information:
Directions: Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to get here by subway, but, from Hannam Village, go out the back gate, turn left on the first corner, walk under the hospital underpass and then left again. Walk for about a block and Cuoco will be on your left.
Pricing: Great prices! We paid about 20,000KRW, beer included and left completely stuffed!
Foreigner Friendly

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