Thursday, April 25, 2013

Digital Media City

I love how Seoul is full of little details. Tracie invited me to come with her to Digital Media City, which is an area full of office buildings and awesome looking sculptures. The mission was to find the Millenium Eye, (she called it "the bubbles", I didn't learn the actual name until later) a sculpture that she knew was somewhere in the area. On our way, I was very surprised to see that even the construction site temporary walls are works of art!
 Fish, anyone?

 We walked for a while looking for the bubbles, but couldn't find them. Tracie had the idea to look up a photo of it on her phone and show it to a Korean person and they pointed us in the right direction. We were just a block away from it. So glad we didn't give up and walked back!
 The bubbles are awesome and we were so excited! We took like a bajillion photos. They need to be washed though. A few days after this I saw something from the same artist (Anish Kapoor) at the Samsung Leeum Museum and they were way shinier and bright.
 After that we wandered a little more, got some lunch at A Twosome Place and saw more Digital Media City awesomeness.
Thank you for the adventure, Tracie! The Digital Media City subway station is on Line 6 or on the Airport Railroad, if you ever want to go on a sculpture-hunting adventure like we did!

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  1. The Millennium Eye sculpture is not by Anish Kapoor, although it does look a lot like his work. For more information about the artists who created "the bubbles" in DMC, see