Monday, April 22, 2013

Thanks Nature Cafe

After being in Seoul for about three months, I had already learned how big the themed cafe culture is here, but that didn't stop me from yelling "WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" when someone told me there was a Sheep Cafe. With actual sheep. Seriously, I had to visit it! And my awesome friends Jenica, Tracie, Mischa and Audrey came too!
 I had imagined it was going to be like the Cat Cafe or the Dog Cafe, where the animals are free, wandering around. I kinda liked that idea, but it's nothing like that. The two sheep have their own fenced in area and there's hay for you to feed them. I felt a little bad for them because it seems like a tiny space, but they were very happy and friendly sheep.
 I found out that these guys are only at the cafe during Winter, and when it starts getting warmer, they go hang out at a farm, which I think is really nice because it would be really sad to have them in that tiny space in the cruel summer heat.
 As you may be able to tell from my photos, I was extremely excited. It's not a secret I love all kinds of furry animals and sheep are not an exception. I wanted to hug them forever!
 I'm a child. I know.
 It's up to you if you want to sit down in the tables outside, next to the sheep, or inside. It was cold so we decided to go inside and order something. They have limeades, teas, coffee, hot chocolate... the usual that you would find in any coffee shop... but the waffles. Oh.My.God. The waffles.
 The amazing waffles and the drinks makes visiting this cafe worth it, even when the sheep are gone on vacation. But they are SO adorable that I will definitely be going back next Winter to see them.
 Look! That hungry sheep wanted to eat Jenica's umbrella!
 I was kinda sad when it was time to go home. I wanted to keep playing with the sheep. I want my own sheep. I'm definitely a five year old.
This cafe really was a lot of fun. I had a smile on my face every single minute I spent there. The sheep are clean and the owner is a really friendly and sweet guy. Can't wait to pet these furry friends again! I recently stopped by to see if the sheep were still there and saw there is a photo of us from this day on one of the banners at the cafe! So sweet! So yeah, if you see a photo of a girl in a yellow coat holding a camera while petting one of them... that's me!

More Information:
Facebook: (Lots of awesome pictures there!)
RLCraboda: (Read my friend Lindsay's experience at this cafe!)
Directions: Hongik University Station, Line 2, Exit 9, walk straight, turn left at the first big street (There is a TGI Friday's in the corner) walk straight for about two blocks, there will be a shopping complex to your left. Thanks Nature cafe is at the end of it, right below Cantata cafe.
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  1. CUTE! You certainly are big hearted when it comes to animals :D

    1. Thank you V!
      I love animals. Some day I will have a big dog shelter and a petting zoo to rescue all kinds of animals!...

      Except frogs. I really don't love frogs. I'll have someone to handle those.
      Thanks for stopping by :D