Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tim Burton Exhibition

Tim Burton. A name that makes me happy. There are few people in this world that I admire more than I do this man. His imagination has brought smiles to my face since I was a child.
After finding out there was an exhibition about him and his work going on at the Seoul Museum of Art, I was so excited and I kept nagging my friends to go until we finally agreed on a date. It was raining, I didn't care. The gloomier the day, the more TimBurtonesque it is! The first thing I noticed when we got to the museum was the ticket box and the awesome decals of some of his characters looking at us through the windows.
The one and only Jack Skellington was there to greet us at the door!
Jenica, Tracie and I dressed the part, all three of us rocking stripes on our outfits!
Tickets were 12,000KRW and it was a great price to pay for all the awesomeness that was cointained inside that building.
I really didn't know what was in store for us, but as we walked in I started getting more and more excited with what I was seeing. The whole museum had been taking over by Tim Burton's amazing mind! We found a locker for our coats, and went up the stairs through this crazy looking monster tongue.
There were stripes everywhere! I have always felt like the stripes are Burton's trademark for some reason, and this place proved me right! Photography was not allowed inside the exhibition rooms, but you could go crazy in the hallways, so we kinda did!
The exhibition was divided in his early years in Burbank, CA, his career development and his most recent accomplishments. I really wanted to take photos inside so I could share all the amazing things that were there but I understand why the rule is there so you all just have to believe me, Ok?
There were so many characters I didn't know. From animated short films to stories that never made it. They had sketches done by him when he was a teenager (I am so grateful he saved those!), there were letters he wrote to Disney pitching stories and characters. Clowns, pirates, monsters, creatures. I was in awe looking at so much memorabilia that had been collected over the years. They even had napkins from restaurants, where he had doodled something while having a meal or a drink. Seriously, who saves this stuff? I am glad he did, because they were amazing. There was a wall with the timeline of his work and I found out so many other things he participated in, this video for The Killers, for example.
A wall with his movie posters! I wanted to take photos of each one but I was getting a nasty glare, so whatever... Posters!
A little photo stop before going to the next room...
In the last room, we found incredible items from some of his movies, including Catwoman's suit and The Penguin's stroller, and the bush shaped like a deer from Edward Scissorhands... and Edward's hand AND suit. Beetlejuice's striped crazy hands that come out of the carousel, Willy Wonka's burned dolls and "life size" Oompa Loompas. Sweeney Todd's shaving kit, drawings and sketches from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Polaroids from Burton's personal collection and I could go on, and on, and on. I was *this* close to having a heart attack. Ask Tracie.
It was also nice to see that they were playing some of his most famous movies, so if you took your children, you could get and exhibition and a movie for the same price! I say children because my girls and I tried to sit and watch (thinking it was something else) and they politely showed us the way out because it was a movie for children. Whatever. I will be watching Jack and Sally 'til the day that I die.
There were a lot of school field trips coming in. While we were heading out, I could capture this student being inspired by Burton's work!
Jenica and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show our love in front of Jack and Sally.
Heading out was this garden with a lovely fence welcoming you to the museum. It's supposed to see the first thing you see before the exhibition but we took a different subway exit so we saw this last!
This was one of the best days I've ever had and I swore to myself that I would come to see it one more time before it left town. And I did. 

Thank you for reading!

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