Thursday, January 10, 2013

Itaewon Global Village Festival 2012

Back in October, on Columbus Day weekend the Itaewon Global Village Festival took place. We live almost right on Itaewon so we HAD to try this out. The Itaewon Global Village Festival is held every year and it has food and vendors from all over the world. They also have live music on a huge stage and it goes on for the whole weekend. We went twice, Saturday night and Sunday at noon and both times it was packed.
 I was bummed not to find any Colombian food, but they had Argentinian empanadas. I didn't try them. For some reason I wasn't really hungry, It was my second week in Korea and I was still getting used to the food.
 We went with our friends, the Drapers, who live in our building.
 At the end of the street there was the stage. We had fun watching this old man, full of energy, dancing Gangnam Style all by himself. He was having a blast and was enjoying everyone's attention.
Mo and I were ready for the show even though we didn't know who was going to perform.
 The music started and it was Gangnam Style and for a split second I thought we were actually going to see Psy, since he had given a free concert a couple days before (which we missed because we didn't know about it) but obviously, brain fart, if it was Psy that place would have been insanely packed and we would have known already. It was a Psy imitator and gorgeous Korean dancers. I have to say the guy did it pretty well and we had a lot of fun.
 After that, a group of three girls with... piano/guitars? got on stage. The guy who introduced them was Korean and I couldn't understand what he was saying. I was pretty sure he said "Lightning Fingers" but I've googled my eyes out looking for them and I can't find them. They were pretty talented and also, as most Korean girls I've seen, extremely beautiful.
After that, they had a couple of DJs but it was getting late and we had to start walking back if we wanted to make it in time for curfew. Man, I feel like a child when I talk about that curfew. Anyway, I can't wait for next year's festival. We will definitely be there!

More Information:
Closest Subway Station: Itaewon or Noksapyeong, Line 6
Foreigner Friendly

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