Friday, January 11, 2013

Express Bus Terminal GOTO Mall

What can I say about shopping in Korea? First of all, you can find pretty much anything. For me, not so much. It's a little hard for me to find clothes and VERY hard for me to find shoes. But if you are not on the heavy side and your shoe size is 7 or smaller, well, you are pretty much in heaven. Seoul is such a massive city with so many places to go that I am not sure that in these two years I'm going to see all of it. And then there's underground. I get overwhelmed with what I can see, and then I think of what I can't see. What's under my feet. The Express Bus Terminal GOTO Mall is part of it.

The Express Bus Terminal is a station, part of the Seoul Subway System, and also, as it name states, is the Bus Terminal for the city. In the station itself there's a crazy amount of shops and restaurants and it has underground access to the Shinsegae Mall and to the GOTO Mall. I haven't been to the Shinsegae Mall, but I hear it's really expensive. I plan on going window shopping and I caught a glimpse of their food court and it looks pretty amazing, so I might just drag the husband for lunch and walking around. 

The GOTO Mall, on the other hand, is one of my favorite places to go with the girls. They have amazing prices and great sales. Gorgeous fake jewelery, shoes, clothes, bags, household items, decor, flowers, restaurants. You can find everything here. I haven't seen a lot of electronics or stationery/craft supplies, but other than that, the place has pretty much everything I could be looking for.

Shoes and clothes are difficult for me. I'm an 8.5 and that's like... 260 in Korean sizing, and sometimes for them 250 is pushing it. When it comes to clothes I have found a couple of things but not a lot like someone skinnier or less "blessed in the chest area" would find. My butt and my boobs don't really fit their clothes, let's put it that way. But sometimes, by some miracle, I would find something I love, that is cheap and that fits and that makes me a happy girl.
 I am a fake jewelery hoarder so this is kinda paradise for me. I love accessorizing. But the real reason why this is such a paradise is the prices. Getting a chunky necklace for less than a dollar is a great bargain in anyone's book.
 Raise your hand if this reminds you of your teenage years, because it sure did the trick for me. I used to wear this kind of beads all the time when I was 14 or 15. Brought back sweet memories. I should have bought it but I don't know if I can still pull that off.
 Hello Kitty anyone?
This was my fourth time going to this place and I still haven't seen all of it. It's a great shopping area and I plan on going back a lot more times.

More Information:
 Closest Subway Station: Express Bus Terminal, Lines 3 and 7, Exit 8.

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  1. I totally had that (Probably still do somewhere actually) silver bracelet! LOL Good times. Wow the bus terminal is changed a lot! I really need to go check out the new and improved stores!!! Thanks for this awesome post!

    1. Whenever you want to go, I'll go with you! I love going there and always find the best prices!!!