Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miss & Mr Potato

 Last Monday, my friends and I went shopping to the GOTO Mall at the Express Bus Terminal. After a little shopping, my friend Tracie got hungry and asked me to share a cup of fries from Miss & Mr Potato with her. I agreed since I was curious, I had seen this place before at the I'park mall and the Coex mall and I wanted to try it, and I felt like I could go for a little snack.
 We were trying to decide between the cheese fries or the sour cream fries, they both looked delicious (keep in mind that this is coming from a person who couldn't care less about fries). We went for the cheese fries. Tracie ordered while I sat down at the table.
 After a few minutes our fries were ready but... they weren't our cheese fries. The lady at the counter misunderstood Tracie and gave us sweet chili fries instead. This happens a lot when you don't really speak the language so we explained the misunderstanding to the lady and she gave us cheese on the side. I braved up and tried the chili fries, scared that they were going to be spicy but they were really good.
Miss & Mr Potato also sells hot dogs, baked potatoes, cold drinks, ice cream and coffee. I really plan on going back and trying their hot dogs because they looked really good.

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  1. Wait, a restaurant dedicated to all different kinds of french fries?? AND coffee? Now this is a find!

    1. And I'm pretty sure there is something potato-ish going on in their hot dogs as well! It's really good!!!