Monday, December 10, 2012

SMAC Pooch Plunge

Belated post! Eek! This was certainly one of the best days of my life. Every year, on the last day of Summer, before they close for the season, the Saint Marys Aquatic Center throws the Pooch Plunge, which is basically... bring your dog to the pool to swim and play with other dogs. I was super excited to find out they did this because I always look for things to do and places to go where we can bring Chelsea with us. This was the day before our big move, so it was very emotional, but we had a lot of fun and Chelsea did too. The awesome people at Mugu's which is where we used to take Chelsea for grooming, gave us bright yellow T-shirts for being loyal customers and we got in for free. The color is not very flattering on me but it beats having to be seen in a bathing suit. Mugu's really is an amazing place, they were caring and loved Chelsea, they even recognized her on the street, they also hold a lot of events for pets and I am going to miss them dearly when I have to take Chelsea somewhere else. It was really a day to remember.

Thank you!


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