Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Honey Bowl

You know I love brunch.
I love it.
With a passion.
Now that I think about it... brunch is just breakfast food eaten around lunchtime, right? So scratch that. I love breakfast food, in all of its fattiness, at any time of day.
So today I bring you to Honey Bowl in Hapjeong! Tracie found this place and I was very happy when she invited me to join her and Carol to try it! As you may be able to notice... well... there's a little snow on the street... ummm yeah, I am just a tad behind on my blogging/photo editing/posting... but who cares, right? Look! It's a honeycomb themed restaurant!
 I am still not sure this place counts as a themed cafe. It's technically NOT a cafe... but they do serve coffee... Hmmm... I'll just tag it like one and whatever, you can yell at me if you think it doesn't fit the category.
 Everything is yellow/bee. So fun. This place gives your table an iPad 2 instead of actual menus, so you can look at detailed photos of everything they have to offer. I think that's quite a good idea, since you normally get those menus with teeny-tiny pics of what you are getting, or sometimes, no pics at all.
As I was going through the photos, I noticed the place does look a little dirty, which I didn't notice AT ALL when I was there. Or maybe I was really hungry. Or really excited about brunch. Or maybe, just maybe, I am just THAT oblivious. I swear I didn't think it was gross at all.
 Now, to the important part. The food! Let me tell you. It was amazing. Carol ordered an omelette that was just right!
 Tracie ordered the Eggs Benedict, and they were incredible. I might be biased because I have yet to try an order of Eggs Benedict that I don't like, but seriously, they were so, so good.
 And of course, fatty ole' me ordered the French Toast breakfast which was great too, but my favorite part of the whole thing was the butter. Their butter has honey in it and it's just amazing. I might sound like a total fat-ass saying this but I think I could just eat that butter by itself. No bread needed. Just give me a spoon and a tub of it and wait for the heart attack.
I strongly recommend this place and I can't wait to go back!

More Information:
Take a look at this Blog post for more details:
Directions: Closest Subway Stations Are: Hapjeong, Lines 2 and 6, Exit 5 or Sangsu, Line 6, Exit 1. Unfortunately I don't have better directions because we did a lot of wandering before getting to the place. The blog post recommended above has a little map.
Pricing: From around 4,700KRW to around 15,900KRW
Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
            Friday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 11:00PM
Foreigner Friendly

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