Monday, July 15, 2013

Piano Cafe

I know I have said a million times that I LOVE Seoul's cafe culture, but it is just too damn awesome! I just love that there are so many themed cafes. Today, I take to you the Piano Cafe. When I went out with Victoria, our intention was to go to The Cottage (Supposedly, "The Hobbit" themed cafe) but, for the second time for me, it was closed. So we decided to just walk around in the Hongdae area... we were going to find another themed cafe sooner or later. We knew there was a Piano Cafe, but didn't know exactly where it was. Lucky for us, we found it by accident!
 Everything in this place is either piano or music themed, with a beautiful grand piano right there when you walk in.
Lovely menus and a great ambiance.
 Classical and instrumental music, plenty of choices!
 We both ordered chocolatey drinks. Victoria had the Chocolate Smoothie and I had the Iced Chocolate. Yummy! I really chugged mine down. It's so hot in Seoul right now that I can barely keep a drink in my hand for five minutes.
After drinking half of my Iced Chocolate I noticed the logo for the Piano Cafe on the cup... and Victoria pointed out at the little bit of ice that looks like a musical note. (I apologize to all musicians out there, I know that it's not what those are called but I am musically stupid so bear with me.)
 It was lovely to hear someone playing the piano while we were there. We just had to snap a couple of photos of him. So talented! According to my Google research, visitors are encouraged to play the piano and show off their skills. How fun!
 So, I really don't know much about music... I just know I like it and I like this cafe too!

More Information:
Directions: Hongik University Station, Line 2, Exit 9. I'm sorry I don't have better directions. Found it while wandering and couldn't find them online!
Prices: 4,500KRW to 8,000KRW for drinks.
Foreigner Friendly

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