Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I love Sushi. I really, really do, and if you do, you're definitely going to love this place. Midarae has quickly become one of our favorite spots to eat for its convenience, prices and of course, the food. I have found that Midarae is in fact a chain (I never can tell in Korea) and they have locations in Hongdae and Myeong-dong, as well as in Hannam. This one is the Hannam one, extremely close to our home. The place is clean, and every time we come, the staff is very nice to us. Don't know Korean? Don't worry, they have a menu in English for us foreigners.
We ordered a roll and a Sushi platter to share and both things were fresh a delicious. Is it the best Sushi I've ever had? No. Is it pretty darn good Sushi? You bet. The husband tried their curry before and he says it's very good too. The best part of this, is we stuffed our faces for only 12,000KRW for both things. I say that's a very good price for great food!
I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants just to get out of the house and have a nice dinner out without spending too much. I know we will be visiting Midarae very often in the future.

More Information:
Directions: From Hannam Village: Go out the back gate, turn left on the second corner. Cross the street, walk a few meters and Midarae will be on your right. It's the orange sign, next to Waffle Bant.
Pricing: Extremely affordable.
Foreigner Friendly

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