Thursday, June 13, 2013

Agio Italian Restaurant

After hanging out at My Knit Studio, Kathie took us to this delicious Italian restaurant in Insadong. A few days later I noticed there is another restaurant with the same name around Hongdae. Chain maybe? Like I've said a couple times, I never know when something is a chain in Korea.
 I really liked the ambiance in this place. It is carefully decorated and really cozy. There were 10 of us and the food came pretty quick. The staff was very friendly too!
 I love how they have a snail on their menu and it says "slow food". I don't know what they mean by it, other than maybe they serve the opposite of fast food, but I thought it was really cute.
 Here are some photos of the dishes we ordered. I ordered a cream pasta that was really, really good. They make their own pasta and their pizzas are baked in brick ovens. Absolutely delicious.
 The food was great and I think this restaurant might just be great date night material after a stroll by Insadong, but I was just as happy to go for Valentine's Day Lunch with my girls. It was also quite affordable, the bill for the whole table came to around 135,000KRW for 10 grown-ups and a child. I'll definitely be visiting Agio again.

More Information:
Closest Subway Station: Anguk, Line 3, Exit 6.
Address: Jongno-gu Gyeonji-dong 68-1
Price Range: Entrees are around 12,000KRW (maybe less) and 16,000KRW 
Phone Number: 2-722-0211
Foreigner Friendly.
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