Sunday, October 7, 2012

Update from Seoul!

Obviously, my plan to update this thing every step of the way has been a major failure so far, mostly because I've been sleepy. I have a hundred posts planned for when I'm on my own computer, because, to be super honest with you, I'm on my husband's laptop and for some reason I am not comfortable with it. But oh well, here's the scoop! (and some pictures I've been randomly taking with my phone.)
Gardens at the Dragon Hill Lodge
 The Navy finally found a way to ship me over here the same day as my husband, unfortunately, not on the same flights. My route was Miami -> Jacksonville -> Atlanta -> Tokyo -> Seoul. That 14 hour flight is a bitch. More on that, on another post.
IPark Mall
Skyline view from the Dragon Hill Lodge
We checked in at the Dragon Hill Lodge, which is the hotel on base. It's not very new but it's really fancy and the food is to die for. We have a big room with TV, DVD player, Microwave oven... pretty much the essentials. We've been here for 10 days. Housing should have our apartment ready on October 10th, and sure, hotel life is nice and everything but I think we've had enough. We're ready to move in, start budgeting and figure life out.

Namdaemun Area
So far it's been alright, can't say I'm completely happy since every night I wake up looking for Chelsea at my feet and she's not there. Honestly, it's killing me not having her here, specially when I see people out walking their dogs or when I see the signs for the dog park and pet center on base. It's pretty messed up and I'm constantly choking up when I talk because I just miss her so much. Thankfully, she's been doing great at grandma's, even though she looks for us, she hasn't been crying or restless and that gives me peace of mind.

So, being here about a week and a half has been quite the experience. It's really hard to go out in the streets and not understand a single thing anybody says, or being unable to read any of the signs but we'll get there. There's free Korean classes on base so I'll probably take those. The subway system is huge, the shopping is incredible... Seriously, there is A BLOCK for just purses. Unfortunately my chunky ass doesn't fit Korean standards for clothing (and my shoe size is really hard to find as well), but there's a few things here and there that fit. I guess I'll either lose weight or just buy accessories, or I can just not buy anything and save money which was the plan originally. We'll see, I think I can manage to splurge on a few things since a lot of stuff is way more affordable than anywhere else I've been.
National Museum Of Korea
I've met some people too, they are Navy wives that had offered to show me around and take me places while the husband works and it's been great that they made me feel so welcome. I like them. Unfortunately their tours are up, two of them in December and one of them in April, but it's nice to be meeting people, maybe they'll introduce me to some other people who are staying here longer. They do a lot for the community and for the Korean orphans, and I can't wait to see how it all works out.
Myeong Dong Area
And that's pretty much it, I'll dig deeper in every topic whenever I'm comfortable. I'm still jet lagged after a week and half and I'm pretty much ALWAYS tired. Anyway, thank you for reading!


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