Monday, September 10, 2012

Away for a little bit.

September 10

Hi there! Today is moving out day. The Navy Movers are here packing my house (or what we have left) and I'm sitting on the floor with Chelsea by my side.
The move is going smoothly so far, but I'll write more about that later. After everything is gone from the house, we still have to run a million errands and then head out to Miami.

I'm going to Colombia to see my family sometime this week and I don't even have a ticket yet. I am kinda bummed that my husband already has his ticket to Seoul and I don't and I'm really hoping that we can go together, 'cause around 20 hours on planes by yourself must be insane.

Anyway, this post is to let you know that I might be away from the blog for a while. I have some posts in mind but I have no idea where or when I might have Internet access, let alone have my photos, so I'll just roll with it and post whenever I can from wherever I can.
Thank you for reading!
Love, Zayda

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