Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday #4 - ShanaLogic

I found ShanaLogic about two years ago (maybe less, I dunno) when I started reading this awesome online comic that I love, Questionable Content. It was one of those ads on the sidebar that I usually ignore, but the stuff that it showed was so cute that I just couldn't resist. This was waaaay before I even knew there was a wonderful little place called Etsy, so you can imagine how excited I was to find some indie handmade goodies like the ones they sell. Here's a top ten of cute stuff I love there. I'm sorry it's mostly jewelry, but I am a fake jewelry freak and I love everything earring/necklace/bracelet related so... yeah. 

10.  Rubix Cube Necklace: Isn't it cool? And it is a totally functional cube too, so no, if I get it, I'm not gonna mess it up because I know I can't put it back together.

Rubix Cube Necklace

9.  Anchor Earrings: Very cute. They would go really well with a couple of outfits that I love to wear. As usual, things I love are out of stock. Bummer. they'll be back.

Glass Nautical Earrings

8. Polaroid Necklace: I think it is freaking adorable. Out of Stock too, right now, but keep checking, it will come back too!!!

I Hearts Polaroids Necklace

7. ShanaLogic Coasters: I love coaster sets. Someday, there would probably be more coasters than glasses in my house. Not that I would care about that. 

Artist Series Coaster Set: Shana Logic

6. Cupcake Bracelet: This is probably the first item I saw and wanted from this website. It's so chunky, and yummi looking, and cute.

Cupcake Charm Bracelet


5. The White Rabbit Bracelet: I'm a huge Alice In Wonderland fan. There was no way in hell I was not gonna like this Alice inspired bracelet. 

The White Rabitt Bracelet

4. Tentacle Earrings: So... these were hand-cast using parts of a rescued octopus... how cool is that? They are silver and they also carry the necklaces in two tones, but those are, surprisingly (not) Out of Stock.  

Silver Tentacle Earrings

 3. Block Heart Necklace: Love it, Love it, Love it. They also have a Black one. If I were to buy one and had to choose I would be in trouble.

Retro Block Heart Necklace - Red

2. Bird and Cage Necklace: I'm loving bird jewelry lately. I didn't care for it all that much a few years ago but now I want it. I want it all.

Take Flight Necklace

1. Blackbird Earrings: Didn't I just say I want it all? I'm in absolute love with these little guys. They are adorable. They are also available in blue and those are amazing because they somewhat look like the little Twitter bird.

Blackbird Earrings

 So, this little shopping spree would have been $313.80 and the shipping would have been free! Also, as a Bonus Item for all of you who like to sew, I found this cute set of buttons. They are adorable!

Artist Series Pin Set - Crafty Cuties

I hope you liked this little selection. If you own any of this items let me know how do you like it! 

Thanks for reading! Love,


  1. love the polaroid heart necklace and the lego heart!!!!! :):)

  2. these are all so cute! love the black bird earrings.

  3. I would totally wear each one of these necklaces. I'm kind of a necklace fiend...and I LOVE those animal coasters. Especially the little octopus.

    It's fun finding fellow Georgia residents on Blogger. I'm Georgia born and raised. Hi!