Friday, June 3, 2011

Deftones Concert + Dillinger Escape Plan & Le Butcherettes

Deftones is one of those band that I used to worship when I was younger, and that somehow, got off my radar a couple years ago. Well, a few days ago, our very good friend Milo came visit from Kentucky and we went to see Deftones in a club called Plush in Jacksonville. The show was fantastic. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy, and I will probably upload the videos to My Youtube Channel soonish.

First on stage was this band called Le Butcherettes. Never heard of them. When I got home from the show I googled them so I could know what's up because they were... different, to say the least. The lead singer makes these funny faces that remind me of the little girl from The Exorcist. I was completely confused by the lyrics. I guess I didn't hear all of them, but mostly what I could understand was sex talk and body parts. And fingers poking eyes. Anyway, the band has this incredible energy, and that girl knows what it is to put up a show, she totally gives herself to her audience and that's what makes them great.

Next up was Dillinger Escape Plan... and guess what? Never heard of them before. They seem pretty famous in the hardcore music department but I had no idea who they were. Sometimes I think I should listen to music like I used to do it back in the day, when I would look for new bands and different things but who has the time anymore? Lately I just stick to what I know. And what I know, I love a lot, but it's always good to get something different and refreshing in the mix. Anyway, they were pretty cool. Couldn't understand a thing they were saying, but that's alright. It happens to me a lot. Here are some pictures of them :)

And then it was time for Deftones. I was SO excited. I honestly didn't think I was gonna be this excited but I was. I felt 16 again. I felt careless again. It was freaking amazing. I went back in my mind to the times me and my high school friends would hang out in my best friend's computer room and just listen to music. Plain and simple. Chino Moreno's energy is insane. The show was great, they played for over 2 hours and he went through 3 t-shirts. That's how awesome it was. And they played Change which is my favorite song of them, so yeah... I was pretty happy!

This is one of my favorite photos.

This place was PACKED!

Guy from DEP (Don't know his name, too lazy to google it) and Chino Moreno singing "The Passenger" together.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Ps: If you are, or know, a teenage boy in the Jacksonville area that Chino Moreno called up to the stage because he found something of his that fell in the crowd, and they hugged and whatnot, let this boy know I have this moment on video and I would LOVE for him to have it. Will be uploading it to Youtube soon, hopefully he can find it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. me alegro mucho q lo hayas pasado la verga baby! super cool las fotos!!! :):)