Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pancake Story

Located in Hannam-dong is this little pancake place that I can't figure out if it's called Pancake Story or Pancakes Original Story or what. But seriously, who cares? Pancakes. Nom.
 Kathie and her two beautiful daughters were my allies into trying out this place. The menu is very ample, with lots of options but it doesn't have pictures, which oftentimes in Korea, I do need!
 The place is small and very cozy, and I loved their decor, specially these lamps made out of old bicycle wheels.
 We ordered some drinks. Fatty old me went for a milkshake and Kathie got an orange juice/smoothie. My milkshake honestly wasn't all that great. I do have to say, I am very picky about milkshakes. If I'm going to stuff my face with all those calories they better be thick, creamy and worth it. This one wasn't. It was a little too "watered down" for my taste.
 Kathie's girls shared the regular pancakes and loved them!
 Kathie ordered a bacon waffle. I was imagining some waffle with bacon on top, but this deliciousness had bacon in the batter. I tried some of it and it was great!
 I ordered the mozzarella cream cheese pancakes. Again, since there are no pictures, I imagined some pancake with a bunch of cheese on top, but these bad boys were stuffed with cheese! I normally don't post photos of my half eaten food but just look. at. that. cheese. They were absolutely delicious.
 After having loved this place so much, I decided to bring my husband the week after. He ordered a puffy omelette and believe me... it is PUFFY. The cheese in it is thick and the eggs feel like foam. It tasted really good and it came with bacon, sausage, potatoes and a pancake. He wasn't expecting all that food and we could have probably shared this plate. Great portions, people. Seriously.
 I decided to go with the Eggs Benedict. I think this has been the first time when I haven't absolutely loved eggs Benedict. I am not a big veggie fan, unfortunately, and I had no idea these came covered in them. I managed to pick out the onions, olives, peppers and such, eating only the mushrooms which I do like. The English muffin was very fresh, but the poached eggs weren't as runny as I'm used to when having this dish. I wasn't crazy about their hollandaise. Overall I enjoyed it and finished my food, all but the veggies but will not be ordering these again.
I can definitely see this place becoming one of our favorite spots. It's not super cheap but not terribly expensive either and the quality of the food is great, and the service is really good too!

More Information:
Address: 261-6 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Korea
Phone: 02.794.0508
Hours: Didn't catch the hours but it is closed on Sundays.
Foreigner Friendly

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