Monday, August 12, 2013

Mustoy Cafe

Without a doubt, this has been one of my favorite things in Seoul. I love drawing and all things artsy so this place was right up my alley! I was so excited to visit this cafe with my beloved Jenica and Desha (I miss them both SO much!). We arrived close to opening, which was very convenient because we had the place all to ourselves.
What this cafe is all about is creating your own little doll. You start with a boy or a girl (and I think I saw a cat) and use markers to decorate it however you want. All three of us picked the boy because we liked his hair better!
I loved the writings on the wall.
And checking out all the other creations. You can choose to make your doll and leave it at the cafe or to take it home. We all took ours home.

Look! It's Mustoy Psy!
 I also thought the cups were absolutely adorable!
I ordered a hot chocolate and it was delicious. The lovely ladies that worked there gave us free refills too! We got our table and our bunch of markers and got started!
You get your blank doll, a card for sketching, a pencil, and cotton swabs and alcohol to fix mistakes! Here is Jenica's sketch and mine too!
I decided to make my version of Alice in Wonderland. Obviously. I was torn between Alice and Dorothy but Dorothy will have to wait for my next visit. Look at our focus creating our little dolls. We really had a blast.
After we were done, the lady who I think is the owner took some shots of our dolls! Reading around other blogs I found out that this is not the only Mustoy Cafe in Seoul, there is another one in Hongdae! I think a visit to that one is in order too.
Go figure, EverywhereDog was there too! Don't know who EverywhereDog is? Search #EverywhereDog on Instagram and see my adventures running into the crowned Husky every-freaking-where.
Mario cuteness! 
...and Alice is done! I would be lying if I said I didn't want to stay and create 27 more dolls. I thought of doing both sides of my doll, maybe the Hatter or Cheshire Cat or White Rabbit on the back but we had to leave and ever since it's been my plan to finish it at home. With Sharpies. It didn't happen. Because I'm lazy like that. But someday!
There were little "Studio" setups for you to photograph your doll. How fun!
Hawaiian girl was Desha's doll. Khaki guy (Or Pornstache) was Jenica's. Oh the cuteness!
I seriously, seriously cannot wait to have an excuse to go back to this place or to go to the one in Hongdae with some creative peeps. I kid you not. Apparently I'm a 5 year-old, and you know what? That is completely fine by me :)

More Information:
Directions: Hapjeong Station, Line 2 and 6, Exit 5. Walk straight, turn right on the first street. Keep walking until you get to a Y on the road. Mustoy will be on your left, on a second floor. It has a red sign.
Pricing: Depending on whether you want to take your doll or leave it. Around 15,000KRW to take it home. Not sure but I think 8,000KRW to leave it. Both prices include a drink of your choice.
Foreigner Friendly

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  1. Those turned out so cute!! I have only been to the one in Hongdae. That was fun too! I'm loving your blog woman!! Keep on having great adventures in Seoul!