Wednesday, June 19, 2013

114th Comic World

I heard from a teenager (Yep. let's start with that) that there was a "Comic Con" in Seoul. I thought that couldn't be right. If there was such thing as a Comic Con here I would have probably known before moving here and would have had my geek-out moment already. Turns out there is technically a convention, with comic and anime characters and cosplay and the works. It's called Comic World. I was stoked! I knew we had to go and started doing research like a crazy person, thinking it was once a year like regular Comic Con but I found out these are held every other month. Cool! The next one was right around the corner and I really wanted to go but I worried that we might not have the money for tickets or it might be already sold out. Wrong again. Tickets are only 4,000KRW (Less than four bucks!) and they were sold at the event. The hubs was my companion for this adventure, we took the subway to SETEC and as soon as we got off, there were teens getting dressed up right there in the station. We got out of the station and OMG... so. many. cosplayers.
I have to say that I am not really satisfied with these photos. I could have taken better shots if I hadn't been so shy. Or if I had brought a zoom lens. For some reason, I was terrified of approaching these people and taking their photo. It might have something to do with not speaking the same language but I just couldn't bring myself to ask them properly and have them pose like everyone else was doing. I was kinda riding on other people and getting next to someone else to get my shots. If I have a chance to go to another Comic World, I will make sure to learn the words for "May I take your photo, please?" and "I love your costume" in Korean. Maybe that will help me do better next time.
 The hubs got in line and got us tickets, while I shyly and quietly snapped a few photos. We went in and they had three rooms. Two of them had booths with all kinds of goodies and the middle one was where the "main event" was being held. I still don't know what the main event was but I know there was a singing contest involved in there somewhere. Unfortunately, photos of the merchandise weren't allowed, but there was a lot of stuff and so cheap too! Comic books, stickers, bags, coffee mugs, pins, notebooks, pencil cases, stationery, prints, postcards and everything in between. I wanted to buy everything! My little haul included an Alice in Wonderland pencil case, Wizard of Oz sticker, Alice in Wonderland buttons, Fairytale Postcard set, Fairytale print, the only comic book in English that I could find and a reusable shopping bag. There were so many other things I wanted to buy, but most of them were already sold out when I got to the booth. That's one of the reasons I want to go back, and get there early next time.
 I must confess that I don't know 80% of the characters that I saw around here. I recognized Naruto and One Piece and a few others, but most of them... no idea. I guess I haven't watched any new anime in a long, long time. We went to see the singing contest for a little bit but since we couldn't understand a thing we felt very dumb. It was at that moment that we realized that we were the only non-Asian people in there. Five minutes later we realized we were the only people over 21 there as well, besides a couple photographers I saw walking around. It felt a little weird but who cares, right?
 We went back outside for more photos and to admire more costumes. It's amazing the amount of work and detail they put into dressing up. They really go all out and I love it!
 These two shots are probably my favorite of the bunch... specially the girl in the blonde wig. She looked so cute!
 It was quite a fun day, and a new experience. I can't wait to find out when the next one is!

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