Friday, May 3, 2013


So, it might be clear by now that Tracie and I LOVE brunch. After bridge hunting we got hungry and found this cool looking place in the French Village. Brunch looked amazing and inexpensive.
 We both ordered the same thing. It was a platter that had eggs, delicious bacon, yummy sausage, salad and some of the best waffles I have ever had.
 It also included coffee, but in all honesty, the coffee wasn't very good. Now, I am not to be trusted when it comes to coffee because I like mine VERY sweet, and when I say very, I mean "Zayda, you are going to get diabetes" sweet. Anyway, I didn't really love this coffee and I put as much sugar in it as it was acceptable to do in front of my friend and I still didn't like it.
 After that, we checked out all the awesome pastries, breads and cakes they had to offer, however we were both too stuffed to get any. But, don't they look delicious?
 I liked the decor of this place too. It had some neat artwork hanging on the walls and a cool lamp and a couple more details here and there that made it really cozy but neat at the same time.
It really was delicious! I think this place is a chain because I saw another one at the I'Park mall, but unfortunately I can't find their website anywhere. 

More Information:
Directions: Somewhere in the Seorae Area (Don't you love how accurate I am?)
Pricing: We paid 10,000KRW for our brunch platter.
Foreigner Friendly

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