Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yeouido Cherry Blossom 2013 Festival At Night

Sick of Cherry Blossoms yet? They're all gone now but I still have some (a lot) photos of them to go through and share! Here are some from the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival at night, when they light up the trees and it is beautiful. It would look like a complete fairytale if there weren't so many people, but hey, whatcha gonna do? I still enjoyed it with Marisa, Carolyn, Tracie and her son Alex.
 Tracie and I got there a little bit earlier so we could take some daylight photos as well. I loved seeing all the people relaxing and having picnics and just hanging out.
 There were beautiful potted plants. I liked the Tulips the best.
 A lot of street food
 These made me think of Cartagena. They are waaaay more expensive here than there.
 We found ourselves a corner under a tree that had a color changing light and snapped hundreds of photos of it.
 Thank you, Tracie for teaching me this cool effect! Trippy.
It was a fun night!

More Information:
When?: Every year, for about two weeks around mid-April.
Subway: National Assembly Station, Line 9, Exits 1, 2 or 6.
Pricing: Free, but you will find a lot of people selling goodies!

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