Saturday, May 4, 2013

Little California - Sushi & Roll

...or "Sushi Go-Round" like my friend Marisa calls it. I had seen a couple places like this around Korea before but never tried them because I didn't really know how it all worked. We got to the I'Park Mall and Marisa led the way to this delicious place. It consist of a conveyor belt where a lot of different kinds of sushi (and other things like cake, spring rolls or oranges) go around.
We sat at the bar and had delicious miso soup while all the sushi yummyness was rolling in front of your eyes. All little plates had the same price so you pretty much just grab what catches your attention and eat it. All of it was very fresh and tasted great.
 We were curious about this sushi with a piece of american cheese on top. I gave it a try, it wasn't bad, just... different.
 As you eat, you have to stack all your plates and that way the staff knows how much to charge you. I ate seven pieces, which sounds like a lot but it really wasn't.
This place made me a happy girl and I am definitely going back!

More Information:
Location: I'Park Mall, Next to the movie theater.
Pricing: I paid 12,000KRW for my seven plates. Very affordable.
Foreigner Friendly

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