Monday, January 28, 2013

Ewha Women's University

A while ago, in November, when it was still Fall and the trees still had beautiful colored leaves, I went exploring the Ewha Women's University area with my friends Jahayra and Tracie. The university itself is so beautiful, it would be amazing to have the chance to study in a place like that. There's also a lot of shops and cafes around the area so students have access to a lot of fun things close to campus. Here are some shots!
Humongous shoe!
Notice the toilet-shaped phones.
We were not supposed to go in there... Ooooops!
Thank you, Tracie for snapping these two photos!
We had a great time, as usual! If you want to go exploring this area, hop on the subway and get off at Ewha Women's University, Line 2.

Thank you for reading!

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