Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snap Happy Friday #1

What's up?
So, my awesome friend Maria from Craft Crazy Mom started this cool Photography link party and I was more than happy to jump in! This is the first Snap Happy Friday and the theme for this week was "Back to School".

I must confess that this was not my vision for this particular topic. I did not want to go with the markers/crayons/colored pencils. My head was revolving around yellow school buses and brand new Chuck Taylors stuffed in messy backpacks. Tuesday night, I was feeling kinda down and told my husband that I didn't feel like cooking, so... spontaneous dinner out. We like trying new places so after dinner we decided to look for a new-for-us coffee shop and we ended up at Millimeter Milligram, which is a huge store filled with cool goodies. Art supplies, books, music, bags, greeting cards, you name it. My kind of store. And they also happen to serve coffee! Double awesomeness.

Since I have been in Korea, I have noticed that most of these stores wont let you take photos of their products. These girls, however, were absolutely fine with it so I started snapping away. After coming home and reviewing my photos for the night, I decided I would used this one as my Snap Happy Friday #1.

I just love how uneven all the pencils looked on this display. It feels like it's a different take on my idea of the perfectly sharpened and straightened up pencils right out of the case. And what says back to school better than art supplies? Ok, math books and calculators work too, but that's not exciting.

Anyway, numbers and more numbers:
Nikon D3000
Nikkor 35mm
ISO 320

I can't wait to start working on next week's theme. Want to join the party? Just click the button:
Snap Happy Friday with Craft Crazy Mom

... and don't forget to read the rules!

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  1. I want those pencil holders!!! Yeah, I had envisioned a picture of V holding hands with Phil as she went up the steps to school for the first time. But maybe on her first day of school :)