Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clearwater Resort

Located around Inje, about three hours from Seoul is the beautiful Clearwater Resort. This is where we spent our Memorial Day weekend this year, thanks to some amazing Korean people who set up the trip as a thank you from the Koreans to American service members. Victoria, Jenica and Gill were going with their families as well. We all met on base and made our way to a fun weekend!

After a very scenic car ride, we made it and were greeted by the owner of the resort, who had a welcome present for all the families. Korean sweets, wrapped in a beautiful scarf. We were shown to our rooms, and ours was on the third floor, with a breathtaking view of the mountains.
 After getting settled and leaving our stuff in our rooms, we met at the deck for a welcome cocktail party, with gorgeous flower arrangements, cool drinks and yummy snacks!
Took a few photos with my love and my beautiful friends!
 The view was just fantastic. I loved being surrounded by nature.
 After a little while, we headed back to our room to relax before dinner.
 After a short nap, we headed down to have dinner with everyone. A huge buffet was set up with a lot of Korean food, fruit, desserts and amazing BBQ. A string quartet was playing and after dinner they had a raffle with a bunch of cool prices like stays at the resort, a Polaroid camera, Starbucks gift cards and more. We didn't win anything, as usual!
 One of my favorite things of this trip was this dog. So adorable!
 After dinner, they started a fire, and there were s'mores and MORE snacks. I couldn't possibly eat anything else, but I gave in and ate two or three s'mores. I definitely shouldn't have

 Later on, we all headed to one of the hotel's Norebang rooms. (Yep, Norebang, absolutely free) and sang the night away. It was so much fun.
The next morning we got ready, had brunch on the main dining room (a lot of Korean food for brunch) I am a terribly picky eater so I stuffed my face with bread, grapes and watermelon. After checkout, we went down to the water and took some photos before making our way back to Seoul and leaving this great place.
It really was a great weekend and I can't wait to visit this place again!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Wow, what a wonderful trip - everything looks beautiful! xxx

  2. Looks very peaceful! Is there hiking to do around this resort, or did you pretty much stay on the grounds?

  3. We did stay on the resort grounds for the whole trip (It wasn't but a night, so not much time to do a lot of stuff!) but I heard there's great hiking to do around the area!!!