Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brooklyn - The Burger Joint -

Oh, Brooklyn Burger... You delicious You. How I love you. This was definitely not my first time coming to this place, but it was the first time I actually pulled out my camera and decided to document it. This much awesomeness needs to be documented. We visit Brooklyn very often, this time, I went with Tracie, Kathie and Cassie.
The place is small and there is normally a waiting list, so we always try to get there early and be the first ones in. It wasn't even open when we got there this time so we had to hang out outside for a little bit.
I love places with a sense of humor. They're just making sure you don't give beer to your children.
After seating, we proceeded to worship an 11lb. jar of Nutella. It was sitting on the counter and I said it was totally fake but well... it wasn't. And it was heavy. And I really really wanted to adopt it and take it home.
Time to order! I really love these burgers. Not going to say they are the best I've had, because they aren't, but they are pretty damn good. I normally order the Real McCoy, but this time I decided to split a Cheese Skirt with Tracie. I had no idea what a Cheese Skirt would look like but it sounded cheesy and that is always good for me.
I have to say their fries are really good. I am not a big fan of fries, I see them as empty calories and I usually don't have them when I eat a burger but when I go to Brooklyn, I'm always willing to share a serving with my girls.
Along came the Cheese Skirt and it is literally wearing a Cheese Skirt. So fashionable. I was absolutely delicious.
Granted, the burgers are great, but the real reason I obsess over this place is this: the burnt marshmallow and Nutella milkshake. I seriously can't get over how good it is. It has actual burned marshmallows on top and it's so thick I need the straw and spoon to finish it. And then, I'm always sad when I finish it because I want it to be never ending.
As usual, it was a fun day and my belly was quite happy! We took a snapshot with my adorable new to commemorate the pigout day!

More Information:
Hours: 11:30-21:30 CLOSED MONDAYS
Phone: 02-533-7180
Closest Subway Station: Express Bus Terminal, Lines 3,7 or 9, Exit 4.

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