Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pub Chai

After our Dr. Fish Adventure, the girls and I decided to search the area for some lunch. Pub Chai, this Chinese fusion restaurant caught our eye and we decided to go in. 
 Like many places in Korea, this restaurant had a note wall! I have learned that it is a good thing to carry a sharpie in your purse around this city, unfortunately, most often than not I forget it. Tracie snapped these shots of me signing our little note!
 The place was tastefully designed, and very elegant, and was almost empty when we got there, which is always good for photos. It started to fill up a bit later, with people from all the offices around the area.
 I loved their tilted glasses! Fancy.
 We decided to share the sweet and sour pork in blueberry sauce, and the fried rice. Both delicious!
 I really liked this place and will definitely visit again, which is surprising for me since I am not the biggest Chinese food fan.

More Information:
Directions: Gangnam Station, Line 2 or D, Exit 10. Walk for about a block, Pub Chai will be on your left.
Pricing: Around 15,000KRW per entree
Foreigner Friendly

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