Sunday, April 7, 2013

Princess Diary Cafe

I have a confession to make. I am really a 5 year old in the body of a 26 year old. This is the reason why I was so stoked when I visited the Princess Diary Cafe with Jahayra and Tracie. You guys, this is a dress up cafe. DRESS UP... for grown ups. Seriously, what can be better than that? Another reason for me to be crazy in love with Korea.

In this cafe, you get to pick a dress and wear it for an hour, take pictures, jump, twirl and have fun with all the awesome props that they have. You also get to enjoy a delicious drink of your choice!

The place is beautifully decorated, with flowers and cutesy things here and there and sort of a vintage feel which I absolutely loved.
The drink menu was extensive and had something for everyone's taste. I, of course, knew beforehand what I was having without even looking at the menu.
 When you get there, they will assign a booth for you and your group, where you can leave your belongings while you play like a little girl high on sugar. You can choose to have your drink before or after your dress up hour. We decided to have it afterwards because we just couldn't wait to get in those gorgeous dresses.
 I must confess I was a little worried at first. I am a big girl and it is extremely hard, almost impossible to find my size in anything here in Korea, so I was concerned about being able to fit in one of the rental dresses which I guessed, cater to the Korean standards, but turns out... they are creative and have ways to make them fit, in this case... a ginormous bow on the back of the dress.
 So we picked our dresses and the lovely girl that works there took us, one at a time, behind that flowered curtain and got us dressed. Keep in mind that they will tell you to use the restroom before getting in your dress, for obvious reason.
 They also have shoes for you to wear with your dress but I decided to wear my beloved chucks, since it's what I wanted for my actual wedding but couldn't make it happen.
 Tracie looked gorgeous in her dress and tiara!
 Jahayra decided to join me and wear her Converse as well.
 We found hats! We obviously needed to act silly with them.
 ...and letters.
 It was a bad hair day for me and it had been raining, so I wasn't really happy with what was going on with it, so I decided to go Lady Gaga and grabbed that hair piece. If it's not going to look good, at least it's going to look goofy!
 It was such a fun day, we twirled and danced and laughed. I must say this is one of the best days I've ever had. I am just so grateful to have found friends that are silly and ridiculous like I am and don't care about making a fool out of themselves with me. Oh, look! You can see the hideous bow on Jahayra's back! I had it too!
If you are into photography like I am, keep in mind that the light in this place is not the best. We still made the best of it!
 After our hour was over (way too soon!) we got our drinks in our own booth. We all ordered the Hot Chocolate and it was delicious. Also, look at those cups! I felt like Alice in Wonderland at the tea party. Just loved them!
Special thanks to the lovely Tracie, for taking the photos where you can see me. Love you, Tracie!
 I really enjoyed this place, I'm already planning on going again (and hopefully many more times) and get my fix of childish happiness once again.

More Information:
Directions: Ewha Women's University, Line 2, Exit 3. Walk straight for two blocks and turn right at the Juno Hair building. Walk a little further and Princess Diary Cafe will be on your right. 
Prices: 6,000KRW basic charge, includes a drink of your choice. Dresses go from 10,000KRW to 45,000KRW.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Those photos are awesome, what an amazing place and you guys are just the cutest! xxx