Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Namsan Park

So, I'm back! My blog was abandoned because my computer broke (the power supply went out) and, as hard it is to admit it, I do need my husband to go buy this stuff, so it took us quite a while to find the day to head to the Yongsan Electronics Market and be over with it. But I'm here now and everything is fine with the world. Back in November (November? Crap, I'm so behind!) on a beautiful fall day we went to Namsan Park. I had such a good time just taking photos and admiring the beauty of it. It is a fantastic place to go for a walk, and it really made me miss my little Chelsea. She would have had a blast here. Anyway, Enjoy!
I did have a few more shots but for some reason Blogger is being a little b*tch and instead of showing the photo, it just shows a black box. Anyway, I hoped you liked these photos!

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