Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bukchon Hanok Village - Part 2

Welcome to part two of my Bukchon Hanok Village walk! (Part one is here)
 As we kept on going, we kept finding Korean style houses, and some very whimsical things like this rabbit guy who is judging you from above. He knows what you did last Easter. Mr. Bunny always knows.
 We also found cute looking stores and inviting little cafes, and adorable little trinkets that kept distracting me.
 I love how here in Korea I keep running into Alice in Wonderland things or references. Look at those two in that old looking store!
 We were getting closer to the photo spots marked on the map they gave us at the beginning and I was getting more and more excited!
That old photo store/place looked interesting but I can't read if it's some sort of museum or a shop. It was closed so we couldn't go in to check it out either, so that's something for the next time I'm walking around Bukchon Village.

There's still a few more shots to come, so see you in part three and four!

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